[Slackbuilds-users] intro, plus a query on packaging script suite

Grant bugsplatter at gmail.com
Wed Aug 2 00:01:01 UTC 2006

Hi Guys,

I'm here too!  Also joined the bugs list.

Query: Junkview <http://bugsplatter.mine.nu/junkview/> and 

Is it worth doing a SlackBuild for a set of scripts that require some 
effort to utilise as they integrate with iptables to produce firewall 
activity summary report?  See: <http://bugsplatter.mine.nu/junkshow/>

I'd appreciate a review and opinion whether this project is worth packaging.

At present the installer script symlinks into the system and has an uninstall 
option to pull the symlinks.

Required public domain databases are downloaded by the user as part of 
install, they're not part of the package.  Initial download could be 
automated in a SlackBuild like pciutils pci.ids.  An update script pulls 
latest databases (IP to country, bogons), required once a week or month 
or so.  Data is preprocessed as junkview is designed for low end boxen 
running firewall, <http://bugsplatter.mine.nu/test/boxen/deltree/> is 
the development box, facing Internet 24/7, running slack-current (mostly).

Dependencies are the usual unix tools: awk, bash, date, sed and iptables 
needs to have a particular (user-defined) two word logging prefix for 
reportable events.  


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