[Slackbuilds-users] ChangeLog & Other News

Robby Workman rworkman at slackbuilds.org
Sat Oct 21 02:24:14 UTC 2006

First of all, in case you didn't notice, our mailing lists and 
project team email accounts have been offline since last 
Saturday, and they just came back up earlier today.  Without 
going into too much detail, the box on which our email and 
mailing lists are hosted had some problems that we think are 
related to facility in which it's hosted, but we're still 
investigating as of right now.  If it happens to go down again, 
you can reach any of us on our Freenode channel #slackbuilds, or 
I may be reached via email at rlw AT rlworkman.net

Anyway, here are the ChangeLog updates since the outage:

Sat Oct 21 02:16:33 UTC 2006
system/apcupsd: Added the --enable-powerflute flag to configure.
   Thanks to elohim for pointing this out; I've gone all this time
   without noticing it.  While I was editing it already, I took
   the liberty of doing a few other miscellaneous script cleanups.
Thu Oct 19 21:02:41 UTC 2006
academic/xdrawchem: Minor cleanup to the build script; fixed the
   icon path in the xdrawchem.desktop file.
games/wesnoth: Added - wesnoth is a turn-based strategy game.
   Thanks to Michiel P.H. van Wessem.
office/acroread: Miscellaneous (minor) cleanup to the script.
libraries/libdvbpsi: Cleaned up the script quite a bit.
libraries/libdvdcss: Same as above.
libraries/libdvdplay: Same as above.
libraries/libdvdread: Same as above.
libraries/openbabel: Minor cleanup to the build script.
Sun Oct 15 17:22:26 UTC 2006
graphics/gqview: Updated to version 2.1.2.
misc/wine: Updated to version 0.9.23.
multimedia/mp3blaster: Updated to version 3.2.3.  Thanks to
network/muttng: Updated the script to automatically detect the
   VERSION string from the latest snapshot.  Thanks to dadexter.

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