[Slackbuilds-users] Sbopkg 0.27.1 Released

Chess Griffin chess at chessgriffin.com
Tue Apr 7 14:14:15 UTC 2009

A new sbopkg version 0.27.1 has been released.  This is a bugfix release
to the 0.27.x -stable branch of sbopkg and is a recommended upgrade for
all sbopkg users.  There are no major changes or new features and
therefore no changes to sbopkg.conf are needed.

Here is the complete ChangeLog.txt for this release:

  * Remove some useless code from check_for_latest and also fix the
    download folder for sbopkg updates.  Thanks to David Somero for the bug
  * Re-implement the code that checks for renamed software; fix upgrading
    of renamed packages; thanks to Phillip Warner for raising the issues
    with the older code; add wbxml2->libwbxml to sbopkg-renames; thanks to
    Mauro Giachero for working on these fixes.
  * Fix a tr invocation issue where in certain instances, sbopkg would not run
    from certain directories; thanks to Marie-Claude Collilieux for the bug
  * Alter sed expression in download code to work around calcurse filename
    idiosyncrasy; thanks to Glenn Becker for the bug report.
  * Move French man pages into correct /usr/man/fr* location and remove them
    from the /docs directory; update French man pages; thanks to
    Marie-Claude Collilieux.
  * Fix a problem with the Pre-Check Log dialog being non-scrollable and
    having a visual glitch. Thanks to Erik Hanson for the bug report.
  * Remove a problem where the "Using the queuefile QUEUEFILE" messages could
    be incorrect.
  * Fix a possible infinite loop when building in CLI mode.
  * Fix an issue with an ncurses check and the cleanup() function.

The full ChangeLog.txt can be read here:

We are still hard at work on doing a major cleanup and code audit of
sbopkg.  This work is focused on the current -trunk branch of sbopkg, so
anyone who happens to be running sbopkg from SVN please be aware that
breakage is expected while this cleanup continues.  In the meantime,
however, we are going to continue to maintain this 0.27.x stable branch
and will release additional bugfixes as they become necessary.

A noarch package and source tarball for sbopkg version 0.27.1 can be
found at the sbopkg project website:


On behalf of the sbopkg team, enjoy!

Chess Griffin
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