[Slackbuilds-users] Feature proposal

alkos333 me at alkos333.net
Wed Apr 15 20:13:25 UTC 2009

I have a queue named "all" which contains all of my currently
installed packages in appropriate order (as far as dependencies are
concerned).  It took me quite a while to construct the the queue and
then do several runs to sort out dependencies.

What about creating a feature that would first queue all of the
currently installed packages into the queue.  Second, it would scan
their README files and look for name hits and move the packages with
those names before the package whose README is being scanned.
Basically, I'm in no way trying to automate the dependency check
because there were still be conflicts, but at the very least, this
will get the overall queue as close to the functioning state as
possible and the admin can then finish the rest.

This was just an idea that hit me as I was creating a back-up queue
for recompiling all of the SBo package after an update let's say.


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