[Slackbuilds-users] Updates - 20090417

Robby Workman rworkman at slackbuilds.org
Fri Apr 17 07:06:55 UTC 2009

Fri Apr 17 07:05:22 UTC 2009
academic/qhull: Edited the CFLAGS to prevent segfaults in octave.
  Thanks to Chris Abela and Stefan Steier.  --rworkman
audio/last.fm: Updated for version
  Thanks to Michael Johnson.  --rworkman
games/monkey-bubble: Added - Monkey Bubble is a game in which you must 
  explode all bubbles in the game area.
  Thanks to Larry Hajali.  --rworkman
games/xaos: Added -  XaoS is an interactive fractal zoomer for X. 
  Thanks to B. Watson.  --michiel
graphics/dcraw: Updated for version 8.93.
  Thanks to Nishant Limbachia.  --rworkman
graphics/photoprint: Added - PhotoPrint is an assistant for printing digital 
  photographs.  Thanks to Peter Sarkoci.  --rworkman
libraries/libnids: Added - Libnids is an implementation of an E-component of 
  Network Intrusion Detection System.  Thanks to Marco Bonetti.  --rworkman
libraries/libtorrent-rasterbar: Updated for version 0.14.2.  
  Thanks to David Woodfall for testing this with springlobby to ensure that
  it's still compatible.  --rworkman
libraries/notify-python: Updated to fix an upstream bug - see this link for
  details: http://trac.galago-project.org/ticket/121
  Thanks to Erik Hanson and Larry Hajali.  --rworkman
libraries/ode: Updated for version 0.11.  Thanks to Alex Word.  --rworkman
libraries/openvc: Added - OpenCV is a library of programming functions aimed 
  at realtime computer vision. Thanks to Ricardson Williams.  --michiel
libraries/qt4: Updated for version 4.5.0 and included some patches from
  kde's "qt-copy" repository.  
  ** Be sure to read the upgrade note in the README **
  Thanks to Heinz Wiesinger.  --rworkman
misc/fcitx: Added - Fcitx is a simple and lightweight chinese input method 
 for the X windows System. Thanks to luoyi ly.  --Michiel
multimedia/ffmpeg2theora: Updated for version 0.24.
  Thanks to Nishant Limbachia.  --rworkman
network/dsniff: Added - dsniff is a collection of tools for network auditing 
  and penetration testing.  Thanks to Marco Bonetti.  --rworkman
network/iw: Updated for version 0.9.12.  Thanks to nullboy.  --rworkman
network/mozilla-prism: Added - Prism is a simple XULRunner-based browser that 
  hosts web applications without the normal web browser user interface.
  Thanks to Marco Bonetti.  --rworkman
network/privoxy: Updated for version 3.0.12.
  Thanks to Alex Lysenka.  --rworkman
network/qbittorrent: Added - qbittorrent is a qt4 bittorrent client.
  Thanks to David Woodfall.  --rworkman
network/snownews: Updated for version 1.5.11.
  Thanks to Grigorios Bouzakis.  --rworkman
office/apvlv: Updated for version
  Thanks to Grigorios Bouzakis.  --rworkman
system/postgis: Added - PostGIS adds support for geographic objects to 
  PostgreSQL. Thanks to Seth House.  --michiel,rworkman
system/powernowd: Added - powernowd is a simple program that will adjust the 
  speed of your CPU depending on system load.
  Thanks to Daniel LEVAI.  --rworkman
system/twin: Updated for version 0.6.1. 
  Thanks to chopp.  --michiel

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