[Slackbuilds-users] Please "register" UID/GID for user/group "vdr"

Manuel Reimer Manuel.Reimer at gmx.de
Mon Jun 22 14:25:37 UTC 2009


my goal is to make something like a "customized Slackware" to be used on a HTPC, based on the VDR software (http://www.cadsoft.de/vdr/).

The project will run independent of slackbuilds.org, as, especially in the beginning, packages and SlackBuilds will change very often. I already have webspace and I'll also get a VCS, soon.

To not conflict with other SlackBuilds it would be great, if you could "register" a UID/GID for a user "vdr" and a group "vdr" in your


for me to use in my packages. Thank you very much in advance.


Manuel Reimer
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