[Slackbuilds-users] Updates - 20090623

Greg Martin gmartin at gmartin.org
Tue Jun 23 10:57:47 UTC 2009

Thanks to Robbie & all the SBo admins for processing all these updates.  
Good work.

Question - I see the nagios-plugins and nrpe packages, is there a 
corresponding nagios package in the queue?


Robby Workman wrote:
> Tue Jun 23 05:03:02 UTC 2009
> academic/cblas: Added - CBLAS is a collection of wrappers that provide a 
>   C interface to the FORTRAN BLAS library.
>   Thanks to Eugene Suter.  --rworkman
> academic/grpn: Added - grpn is a graphical reverse polish notation (RPN)
>   calculator.  Thanks to Richard Ellis.  --dsomero
> academic/scipy: Added - SciPy (pronounced "Sigh Pie") is open-source software 
>   for mathematics, science, and engineering.
>   Thanks to Eugene Suter.  --rworkman
> academic/wxMaxima: Added - wxMaxima is a cross platform GUI for the computer
>   algebra system Maxima.  Thanks to Larry Hajali.  --dsomero
> academic/wxmacmolplt: Added - MacMolPlt is designed to display the input and 
>   output of the GAMESS(US) and PCGAMESS quantum chemistry packages.
>   Thanks to Daniil Bratashov.  --rworkman
> accessibility/easystroke: Added - Easystroke is a gesture-recognition 
>   application for X11.  Thanks to Larry Hajali.  --rworkman
> audio/mp3info: Added - MP3Info is a little utility used to read and modify 
>   the ID3 tags of MP3 files.  Thanks to Joel J. Adamson.  --rworkman
> audio/musicmanager: Updated for version 0.10.0.
>   Thanks to Keith Ritchie.  --rworkman
> audio/xmms-shn: Added - xmms-shn is an xmms plugin for playing shorten (shn)
>   files.  Thanks to "mightaswell."  --rworkman
> desktop/gnome-colors: Updated for version 3.8.8.
>   Thanks to Eugene Wissner, the new maintainer.  --chess
> desktop/q4wine: Added - q4wine is a Qt4 GUI for wine.
>   Thanks to David Somero.  --rworkman
> desktop/recoll: Updated for version 1.11.4.
>   Thanks to titopoquito.  --rworkman
> desktop/wmfire: Added - wmfire is a system load monitor applet.
>   Thanks to Richard Ellis.  --dsomero
> development/Pygments: Added - Pygments is a generic syntax highlighter for
>   general use in all kinds of software such as forum systems, wikis or other
>   applications.  Thanks to Grissiom.  --dsomero
> development/epydoc: Added - epydoc is a tool for generating API documentation
>   for Python modules.  Thanks to Andrew Psaltis.  --dsomero
> development/erlang-otp: Updated for version 13B01.
>   Thanks to Ben Mendis.  --rworkman
> development/erlang-otp-man: Updated for version 13B01.
>   Thanks to Ben Mendis.  --rworkman
> development/xmlcopyeditor: Added - xmlcopyeditor is a fast, free, validating
>   XML editor.  Thanks to Larry Hajali.  --dsomero
> games/defendguin: Added - defendguin is a clone of the arcade game "Defender"
>   but with a Linux theme.  Thanks to B. Watson.  --dsomero
> graphics/gimpfx-foundry: Added - gimpfx-foundry is a repository for porting
>   and creating GPL licensed scripts for the GIMP.
>   Thanks to Pierre Cazenave.  --dsomero
> graphics/tesseract: Included a patch to build on -current.  --rworkman
> libraries/blas: Added - this is the reference BLAS library provided by Netlib.
>   Thanks to Eugene Suter.  --rworkman
> libraries/db46: Added - this is version 4.6 of the Berkeley DB library.
>   Thanks to John Clizbe.  --rworkman
> libraries/libfwbuilder: Updated for version 3.0.4.
>   Thanks to David Somero.  --rworkman
> libraries/lapack: Added - LAPACK is a library of Fortran 90 with subroutines 
>   for solving the most commonly occurring problems in numerical linear algebra.
>   Thanks to Eugene Suter.  --rworkman
> libraries/mini18n: Added - mini18n is a small and non-intrusive translation
>   library, designed for small memory and (non-)GNU systems.
>   Thanks to Larry Hajali.  --dsomero
> libraries/mxml: Added - mxml is a small XML parsing library.
>   Thanks to Larry Hajali.  --dsomero
> libraries/podofo: Added - The PoDoFo library is a free, portable C++ library
>   that can parse existing PDF files and create new ones from scratch.
>   Thanks to Larry Hajali.  --rworkman
> libraries/tinyxml: Added - tinyxml is a simple, small, C++ XML parser.
>   Thanks to Larry Hajali.  --dsomero
> libraries/xalan: Added - the Apache Xalan Project is a collaborative software 
>   development project dedicated to providing robust, full-featured, commercial
>   quality, and freely available XSLT support on a wide variety of platforms.
>   Thanks to Vincent Batts.  --rworkman
> libraries/xerces: Added - Xerces is apache-ant XML parsing libraries.
>   Thanks to Vincent Batts.  --rworkman
> misc/jmri: Added - JMRI is the Java Model Railroad Interface, a set of tools 
>   for model railroad computer control.  Thanks to David Spencer.  --rworkman
> multimedia/jmf: Added - the Java Media Framework API (JMF) enables multimedia 
>   to be added to Java applications.  Thanks to David Spencer.  --rworkman
> network/aria2: Updated for version 1.4.0.
>   Thanks to Marco Cecchetti.  --chess
> network/arora: Updated for version 0.7.1.
>   Thanks to David Somero.  --rworkman
> network/cherokee: Added - cherokee is a very fast, flexible and easy to
>   configure Web Server.  Thanks to Pablo Hernan Saro.  --dsomero
> network/fwbuilder: Updated for version 3.0.4.
>   Thanks to David Somero.  --rworkman
> network/hylafax: Updated for version 6.0.2.
>   Thanks to David Somero.  --rworkman
> network/miniupnpd: Added - MiniUPnPd supports the UPnP Internet Gateway 
>   Device (IGD) specifications and the NAT Port Mapping Protocol (NAT-PMP).
>   Note that this won't build on -current, as it will need patches for the
>   new iptables API.  Thanks to Pablo Oses.  --rworkman
> network/nagios-plugins: Added - plugins for nagios.
>   Thanks to Zordrak.  --rworkman
> network/nmh: Added - nmh (new MH) is a powerful electronic mail handling 
>   system.  Thanks to Joel J. Adamson.  --rworkman
> network/nrpe: Added - the NRPE addon is designed to allow you to execute 
>   Nagios plugins on remote Linux/Unix machines.
>   Thanks to Zordrak.  --rworkman
> network/openvas-plugins: Updated for version 1.0.7.
>   Thanks to Marco Bonetti.  --rworkman
> network/openvas-server: Updated for version 2.0.2.
>   Thanks to Marco Bonetti.  --rworkman
> network/pidgin-musictracker: Added - pidgin-musictracker is a plugin for 
>   Pidgin which displays the media currently playing in the status message.
>   Thanks to Dhaby Xiloj.  --rworkman
> network/shorewall6: Updated for version 4.2.10.
>   Thanks to ArTourter.  --rworkman
> network/shorewall-common: Updated for version 4.2.10.
>   Thanks to ArTourter.  --rworkman
> network/shorewall-perl: Updated for version
>   Thanks to ArTourter.  --rworkman
> network/shorewall-shell: Updated for version 4.2.10.
>   Thanks to ArTourter.  --rworkman
> network/xnetload: Added - xnetload displays a count and a graph of the
>   traffic over a specified network connection.
>   Thanks to Richard Ellis.  --dsomero
> office/aigaion: Added - a web-based bibliography management system.
>   Thanks to Joel J. Adamson.  --rworkman
> office/homebank: Updated for version 4.0.4.
>   Thanks to Erik Hanson.  --rworkman
> system/convmv: Added - convmv converts filenames (not file content),
>   directories, and even whole filesystems to a different encoding.
>   Thanks to Oleg O. Chukaev.  --dsomero
> system/obexfs: Added - obexfs uses FUSE to mount filesystems of ObexFTP
>   capable devices.  Thanks to Oleg O. Chukaev.  --dsomero
> system/rar: Added - rar is a command line utitility used to create RAR 
>   archives in Linux.  Note that this is an i386 binary, so it won't be usable
>   on default Slackware 13.0 x86_64.  Thanks to Steven Pledger.  --rworkman
> system/trackfs: Added - trackfs is a small program that tracks file system
>   changes.  Thanks to B. Watson.  --dsomero
> system/ts: Added - ts (Task spooler) is a Unix batch system where the tasks
>   spooled run one after the other.  Thanks to Richard Ellis.  --dsomero
> system/webmin: Updated for version 1.480.  Thanks to David Somero.  --rworkman
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