[Slackbuilds-users] Aqualung Music Player bugs (maintainer note)

Bojan Popović bocke at mycity.rs
Sat Dec 31 00:03:18 UTC 2011

First, happy new year and have a nice holidays. :)

Now, on to the subject. ;) The user reported the bug in Aqualung Music
player concerning some optional dependencies (ffmpeg mostly). I am the
current maintainer for the Aqualung SlackBuild and thought I should
report this here. I'm working on resolution (I actually found the
solution, but am currently testing it) and it will be submitted
somewhere after the New Year's eve.

If you're trying to build the package on clean install of Slackware
13.37 it will work fine, btw.

Please, do report any further problems with Aqualung. It's still in beta
and it seems somewhat buggy, although It serves nice as a basic
music player on my system (with some caveats). I'll try to see if the
problem is fixed in the upstream, if not I will post the bug report to
Aqualung devs.


Bojan Popovic.
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