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> Adding dependency management is the not slackware way of doing thing
> and it is a can of worm that most people here would not want to see
> open. Slackbuilds.org follows very closely the way Slackware works and
> the slack-required file is not part of slackware package standard and
> therefore doesn't really have a place in the slackbuild packages made
> available here.


> ArTourter

  +1. Sure, having a few tabs open can be a PITA, but I'd rather do it that way
  than have software that can't possibly do it correctly, no matter how good it
  is. Doing it all myself I *know* it's done right and that I have all I need
  and that it all built right and got installed correctly. Besides, those of us
  on dial-up couldn't do the 'dependency software' thing without it tying up
  the phone line for who knows how long. That's a major reason I came to
  Slackware - the dependency stuff isn't *mandatory* like on many other
  distros. I can get the one app I'm looking for and the 1 or 10 dependencies
  that that app *only* needs, not 30 that my whole system needs to make it run
  and would take days to download on dial-up.

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