[Slackbuilds-users] requirements in README files

J j at dawnrazor.net
Tue Jul 10 03:51:19 UTC 2012

Hello folks.

Have to go to work shortly so I don't have time to say much.

Even if I did, I wouldn't reply to the "raging-against-dependency"  
emails, cause that's a dead-horse we've been beating for over a  
decade, so long that I don't even care anymore; these days I care  
about things that work, and work well, which is a great place to be  
cause I can love Slackware's package management and FreeBSD's package  
management equally well, even one does not resolves dependencies and  
one does. So have fun getting all bent out of shape about that, it's  
not going to make a bit of difference to me.

What I will do is clarify a few points of my stance on this:
1. Optional dependencies are stated as optional currently. I didn't  
even bring them up - for a reason. The reason is that the system used  
there is perfect as it stands. I am not trying to parse optional  
dependencies, for several reasons.
2. This discussion is really not about "dependencies" - it is about  
requirements, hard and fast. "A requires B, and will not build without  
B", sort of thing. These are hard and fast rules, simple logic chains,  
and I have not seen a case where such a simple line of reasoning is  
not trivially automated.
3. I am not imposing or trying to impose anything on anyone, anywhere.  
I do not really even care if anyone else ever uses sbotools - I wrote  
it for myself.
4. sbotools has an option to not show the user a slackbuild's README  
prior to building/upgrading. If the user chooses this option,  
requirement-parsing WILL NOT happen. I believe in reading the README  
too, cause that makes the system work well.

I'll get back to those of you who had something to add to this  
conversation tomorrow.

Thanks a bunch.

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