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TuxaneMedia jens at tuxane.com
Tue Jul 10 17:35:42 UTC 2012

Am 10.07.2012 18:31, schrieb J:

> is this absolute fact? can we get some admins to chime in? if this is
> fact, and all admins are doing it and following the same format, then
> this means that for 14.0 we'll have consistency, and my work here is
> done.
No, not  fact, but experience (just from the little two SlackBuilds I
the admins correct bad english, bad programming and all the other evil 

Together with that discussion took place some time ago, I used to think  so.

I really don't remember the subject of that discussion , but there has
been a similar to this one here:

I wouldn't be against a tool which could handle build order in an
automated way, actually the queue files are a good thing, but
they migth be too hard too maintain to have them for everything always
up to date .

Everybody who is using sbopkg uses a "not slackware genuine" tool and if
you want to be purist, you could download every slackbuild
manually and get the sources and compile them.
So everything you *could* use to save time and efford is good in the
first place 

But did you ever think of getting the info you need from another source
as the SlackBuild ?
Deps should  always be almost the same for a package
Maybe think of the LFS Project which lists dependencies always the same
way , even required and optional ones.

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