[Slackbuilds-users] webcore-fonts vs. ARCH

Nicolas Kovacs info at microlinux.fr
Wed Jul 25 09:30:27 UTC 2012


I'm currently busy writing a series of SlackBuild scripts for a 
full-blown bells & whistles XFCE 4.8 desktop for Slackware 13.37. As an 
aside, let me state that slackbuilds.org is an extremely valuable 
resource for me. For almost every package, application, library, ... I 
have an existing SlackBuild script which I use as a starting point.

I just built the 'webcore-fonts' package and noticed the ARCH stanza. As 
far as I understand, ARCH can be hardcoded for this package:


Cheers from the sunny South of France,


PS: For the curious, here's the work in progress.

$ svn co svn://svn.tuxfamily.org/svnroot/slackware/slick

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