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Binh Nguyen binhnguyen at fastmail.fm
Wed Mar 14 17:53:29 UTC 2012

On Mon, Mar 12, 2012, at 07:25 PM, Eugen Wissner wrote:

  I'm sorry one more time; zathura isn't my package, was my
  best regards
  Eugene Wissner

2012/3/12 Eugen Wissner <[1]belka.ew at gmail.com>

  Hi Binh,
  sorry for for my laziness, if you have the ready package, you
  can submit it and take over the maintaince. Thx
  Best regards
  Eugene Wissner

2012/3/12 B Watson <[2]yalhcru at gmail.com>

  Trying to reach Binh Nguyen, maintainer of zathura (no
  response to direct
  email), apologies for spamming the list.
  The SBo version of zathura is pretty outdated, wondering if
  you had any
  plans to update it.
  If not, I've got working builds for zathura-0.1.1, its poppler
  and its UI library (girara), mind if I submit them?
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too-many-packages-to-maintain syndrome? :)


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