[Slackbuilds-users] qjackctl up for grabs?

Jim Brewster geminijim at gmail.com
Mon Oct 1 16:01:25 UTC 2012

Some months back I submitted a patch for the qjackctl Slackbuild, after
contacting the maintainer Erik Hanson, who was no longer interested in
maintaining it. Since then my -current box blew up, and I have no time or
inclination for setting it back up and testing. It also should be upgraded
from 0.3.4 to something approaching the current release 0.3.9. If anyone is
interested, please take it over. I can't recall the exact patch, but it was
fairly simple, and allowed the package to build on 64-bit Slack by sending
some string to qmake. You could search it on linuxquestions.org. BTW, Erik
Hanson is still listed as maintainer. He gave me his blessing, and I give
it to whomever. :-)

Jim Brewster
geminijim at gmail.com
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