[Slackbuilds-users] Slackware 14.0 and SlackBuilds.org

Heh insomniactoo at localnet.com
Tue Oct 2 19:59:21 UTC 2012

On Tue, 2 Oct 2012 14:14:08 -0500
Erik Hanson <erik at slackbuilds.org> wrote:

> Tue Oct  2 18:25:39 UTC 2012
> We're running a bit later than usual on getting ready for the new release 
>   this time, but we think you'll agree that it was worth the wait for us
>   to get all (or at least) most of the kinks worked out.  One of the most
>   user-visible changes is the new REQUIRES variable in the .info files.
>   For a description, see this git commit in our templates repo:
>     http://slackbuilds.org/cgit/templates/commit/?h=14.0&id=fb892cce15779cbbfb
>   Also note that the various template files can be viewed and/or downloaded
>   via http here: http://slackbuilds.org/templates/
> I'd like to take this time to welcome our newest admin, Matteo Bernardini
>   (ponce) to the team and thank him for the huge amount of testing and
>   updating of various scripts that he did.  On that note, I should thank
>   David Somero (XGizzmo) for once again doing the automated build testing
>   (and providing error logs) for this release, and of course all of his
>   fixes and updates along the way.  Then there's Heinz Wiesinger (pprkut) for
>   the usual fixes and updates, but he's also done a lot of work behind the
>   scenes with database updates and our custom admin tools.  I'd be remiss if
>   I didn't point out the never-ending job of server maintenance and upkeep 
>   done by the SBo co-founder, Erik Hanson (erik), and that's on top of the
>   usual fixes and updates all over the SBo tree.  Michiel van Wessem (BP{k})
>   and Niels Horn (niels_horn) get the same kudos for helping out with all
>   of the testing and fixing in the tree, and as much as I hate to talk nicely
>   about rob0 (/dev/rob0), he actually deserves some kind words for his work
>   on keeping our mail and dns working properly.
> All of our users and maintainers deserve proper thanks for our existence, but
>   Binh Nguyen and Willy Sudiarto Raharjo really stepped up and helped out
> with lots of testing and fixing and updating needed to get the 14.0 repo
> ready. I'm sure I've left someone out, but please understand that my bad
> memory is in no way a reflection on your contributions.  Thanks to everyone
> for your contributions, regardless of how small or large they may have been. 
> See the git log <http://slackbuilds.org/cgit/slackbuilds/log/?h=14.0> for
>   detail changes since 13.37.  Now go forth and Slack!  
>   --rworkman (on behalf of the entire SBo team)

  I don't mind saying it again...Thank you to all involved in getting anything
  and everything to do with the new 14.0 up and running. And yes, it's far
  better things took a little longer than you expected if when it *is* time to
  put it out there it all runs as it should.

  Great job to one and all. Maybe one day, in the far, far future when somehow
  or other I get a fat pipe way out here in the middle of the woods, I can
  maybe, sorta, kinda be able to try and help out too. Just seemed like too few
  working on such a big project and I figure the more hands in something like
  this can't be a Bad Thing, heh.

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