[Slackbuilds-users] sbopkg and the README/.info files (REQUIRES line)

slakmagik slakmagik at gmail.com
Mon Oct 8 22:03:14 UTC 2012

On 2012-10-08 (Mon) 11:34:54 [+0300], Petar Petrov wrote:
> Quoting slakmagik <slakmagik at gmail.com>:
> >
> >1st, I just sent the initial mail on this to both lists because it was
> >following up on the release announcement (I should have actually posted
> >both my 'oops' mails as actual follow-ups to it - sorry about that) but
> >I don't want to clutter the slackbuilds list with any more
> >sbopkg-specific stuff than I already have. ;) If there's any more
> >discussion I'd direct it solely to the sbopkg list.
> >

Well, I tried.

(Not directed specifically at you - everybody seems to think
sbopkg-users and #sbopkg have signup fees or something. I don't heavily
promote the googlecode lists for bug reports because that *is* a pain if
you're not already in googlecode but I wish the mail and IRC were better

> hi slakmagik,
> how about an option in sbopkg to automatically download the queue
> files repo of Mauro?

Hi. :)

For a similar case, I just removed a defunct repo file and we probably
should never have included any non-SBo repo. It's easy for the user to
integrate their own unofficial repo files in the repos directory.
Similarly, while Mauro's helped develop sbopkg, it and the queuefile
projects are separate things and, if he stopped maintaining the
queuefiles, I'd have to take out what I'd just put in. It's easy for the
user to put the files into the queuedir if they want. Also, anyone can
have a queufile project. If anyone's project was to be privileged, it'd
be his, but I'd rather no single queuefile project was privileged and I
don't want to try to deal with an indefinite number of them.

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