[Slackbuilds-users] The SBo team at work

Niki Kovacs info at microlinux.fr
Mon Oct 22 18:36:53 UTC 2012

Le 22/10/2012 15:02, Vincent Batts a écrit :
> Besides dropping link silently, what are you trying to say by this?

I think this was done in a mood similar to Beavis & Butthead exclaiming 
something like "Huh huh SBO huh huh!"

> I would certainly hope that no one thinks that maintaining a build
> that is hosted in SBo means that they are serving as cheap labor. And
> by passing an exam, I think that is an internal goal, and personally
> finding that you can contribute to the greater community.

Joke aside: SBo is the greatest thing invented since sliced bread. 
Believe it or not, I'm actually *relying* on SBo for my daily work. 
First day today on a new assignment as Linux trainer in a company here 
in Montpellier, where I have to train a staff of ten Linux sysadmins 
from scratch (they're actually Windows sysadmins) over a four months 
course. Needed VirtualBox on my laptop, so I installed it with sbopkg.

The class will be based somethink like 90 % on Slackware, and 10 % on 
Debian and CentOS. I'll try to send some pictures soon.



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