[Slackbuilds-users] My slacksbuilds on 14.1RC3 Fri Nov 1 02:06:40 UTC 2013

King Beowulf kingbeowulf at gmail.com
Sun Nov 3 01:06:07 UTC 2013

So far so good, for the versions currently submitted to 14.0, these are
a-ok on 14.1:

games/jin		ok
games/sauerbraten	ok
graphics/Sweethome3D	ok
libraries/libvdpau	ok
misc/vdpauinfo		ok
network/frostwire	ok
system/qemu		ok

Trivial version bumps to slackbuild, no other changes needed:

graphics/Sweethome3D	VERSION=4.2
misc/vdpauinfo		VERSION=0.1

Changes needed:

I will submit new


when 14.1 and SBo goes live.  Since I am running nvidia-319.60 now, and
was not able to submit an update since SBo shut off submissions, I'd
rather wait since all need various tweaks due to new kernel and/or Xorg.

For the impatient, ping me for my 14.1 git repo. I won't put it here
since it is in a state of flux.

"14.1: Hot-diggitty! I am sooo excited!"


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