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bgrundy at linuxleo.com bgrundy at linuxleo.com
Mon Nov 4 19:26:40 UTC 2013

The following slackbuilds currently in the 14.0 tree are tested
on a fully updated Slackware64-current install (11/03/2013):

libraries/afflib: OK (with homepage change to "http://afflib.sourceforge.net")
libraries/libewf: OK
system/bulk_extractor: OK (version bump below).
system/foremost: OK
system/sleuthkit: OK (version bump below).

system/lzip: builds, but source unavailable for this version (version bump

system/aimage: deprecated and should be removed.

The following updated slackbuilds are tested and working in Slackware64-
current (11/03/13). They are available for use, or I will just submit them
when SBo is open again:

system/bulk_extractor: New version 1.4.1
system/lzip: New version 1.15
system/sleuthkit: New version 4.1.2

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