[Slackbuilds-users] Want to help with work toward 14.1 repo?

Thomas Morper thomas at beingboiled.info
Sun Nov 10 19:13:42 UTC 2013

On Sun, 10 Nov 2013, Matteo Bernardini wrote:

> I had a look at this: it seems to me that the new SlackBuild make some
> changes that I haven't understand completely:

> - no more manpages

The previous man pages were outdated and the current man pages contain 
Debian-specific changes that would have to be edited out, so I decided
to abandon the man pages for now. Full documentation is still included
with the "spec.txt" in the /usr/doc/exim-4.82 directory.

> - ipv6 enabled by default

Though not enabled by default in the previous builds, I've actually been 
running an IPv6-enabled Exim on all my systems for several months now. I 
haven't encountered any problems and IPv6 really should be embraced more, 
so this is now a default.

> if this is ok for you just whistle and I'll push it in my branch.

I can confirm that all changes are intentional :-)


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