[Slackbuilds-users] TeX Live 2013

David Spencer baildon.research at googlemail.com
Sun Nov 10 19:52:17 UTC 2013

Well I just rebuilt "The Book That Ruined My Health".  It's a 138 page
archaeology text, prepared in LyX, with complex tables and tricky
figure layout, biblatex bibliography and index, and ERT that kept
several coffee plantations in good business.  The pdf (Luatex
generated) is 501.8Mb.  I never never ever wanted to touch it again,
but what the hell...

No errors.  Looks the same.  All good :D

So thanks Robby, your texlive-2012 build saw this book flawlessly
through from first draft to a sold-out print run (though with a few
upstream wrinkles - amongst others I vaguely remember a biblatex
problem like the one Ben reports).  Latex has its own complex
archaeological stratigraphy, and all anybody can do is just drop in a
few test pits at random.  But my random test says your 2013 build is
just as good as 2012 was, fwiw.

Thanks again!

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