[Slackbuilds-users] tor

Ivan Zaigralin melikamp at melikamp.com
Sun Nov 10 20:58:33 UTC 2013

I concur. Tor projects advises using Tor bundle, which just worked (tm)
for me in 14.0, and I assume has no trouble in 14.1.

On 11/10/2013 03:49 PM, Thomas Morper wrote:
> I've just the noticed the SlackBuild for "tor" in the 14.1 master branch...
> The script is for version which has several known bugs that can 
> be triggered remotely. Also, 0.2.3 has superseeded 0.2.2 as the stable 
> branch about a year ago.
> Considering the nature of Tor, this looks dangerously outdated and should 
> not be part of the Slackbuilds for 14.1.

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