[Slackbuilds-users] Cant seem to build webkitgtk or webkitgtk3 on Slackware64-14.1

Nick Warne nick at linicks.net
Fri Nov 15 17:42:57 UTC 2013

>> # Clear /var/lock/subsys.
>> if [ -d /var/lock/subsys ]; then
>>   rm -f /var/lock/subsys/*
>> fi
>> # Nick - 05/09/2013 - clear /tmp
>> echo "Clearing out /tmp/*."
>> if [ -d /tmp ]; then
>>   rm -rf /tmp/*
>> fi
>> # Turn off swap:
>> echo "Turning off swap."
>> /sbin/swapoff -a
>> /bin/sync
>> I have included the surrounding code so you can see where I put it -
>> around line 207.
>> Nick
> Ah, thanks :)
> That gives me an idea :)
> du -ch /tmp | grep total
> If its greater than a specified value, say 2gb, I would invoke your
> function to clear the cache :)
> (Was surprised to see that it currently occupies 975M)

Well, we better get off list really, but I forgot one thing.

I have a slackbuilds directory in my home directory where all the 
slackbuilds live.

Once I have built something I move the package from /tmp to the 
slackbuild directory - i.e.:

cd slackbuild/
mkdir foobar
cd foobar
wget foobar.tar.gz
tar zxvf foobar.tar.gz
cd foobar
(we are now in slackbuild/foobar/foobar)
wget foorbar.reallygoodapp.tar.gz
sudo ./foobar.Slackbuild (build it)
(twiddle thumbs while it builds)
mv /tmp/foobar-reallygoodapp-i486-1_Sbo.tgz ./ (mv to 
sudo pkgtool -> install from current directory

Then I don't need to care what is in /tmp and it is cleared anyway when 
I shutdown.

Of course, as with all GNU/Linux stuff, there are 100's of ways to do 
any single thing.  It's just what one get used to over the years.

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