[Slackbuilds-users] qemu-legacy

King Beowulf kingbeowulf at gmail.com
Mon Nov 18 18:32:41 UTC 2013

On 11/17/2013 10:41 PM, David Woodfall wrote:
> I'm going to drop qemu-legacy. If anyone wants to take it on they are
> more than welcome. I did make a patch which fixes the siginfo/info
> struct error which I've attached.
> Without kqemu it is a little pointless to run this on old hardware
> though and I couldn't get kqemu to compile.
> Dave

I vote we drop qemu-legacy/kqemu as they are not longer maintained.
These are very outdated and have either been deprecated or rolled into
newer upstream code.  From wiki.qmu.org:

1.  qemu-0.11+ has no support for kqemu, use kvm
2.  kvm has merged with qemu-1.3+ and kernels now include
    kvm/kvm-inel/kvm-amd modules.
3.  kqemu is for kernel 2.4, 2.6 hosts

Also, current qemu releases can run on older machines that do not
support harware virtualization, _sort-of_ as-is, as long as you can boot
a modern kernel.  I've done this on an old P4-266GHz, but not on my yet
old P3-900MHz, and it is SLOW compared to my old Athlon64 X2. These
days, I see no compelling reason, given how cheap modern hardware is, to
running on these old CPUs  - heck, even for me, and I rarely throw
anything out! :-)

Just my 2 cents.


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