[Slackbuilds-users] Package for TLP

Aaditya Bagga abchk1234 at gmail.com
Sun Nov 17 17:15:47 UTC 2013

Aaditya Bagga wrote:
> Aaditya Bagga wrote:
>> Hey folks!
>> I have built a package for TLP.
>> http://linrunner.de/en/tlp/tlp.html
>> http://linrunner.de/en/tlp/docs/tlp-developer-documentation.html
>> https://github.com/linrunner/TLP
>> The SlackBuild
>> http://sourceforge.net/projects/mefiles/files/TLP.tar.gz
>> The Source
>> https://github.com/linrunner/TLP/archive/0.4.tar.gz
>> Its my first SlackBuild so..
>> I built it and installed it my side.
>> Note-
>> See the develepor-documentation linked above.
>> They have some post install tasks, which I have included in 
>> doinst.sh, but there are also some post-remove tasks, which I dont 
>> how to incorporate.
> Ok, I tried to improve upon the build script by modifying the 
> configuration files that were being placed in /etc/init.d are now 
> placed as /etc/rc.d/rc.tlp
> (The same SlackBuild linked above has been updated)
> But I still need to figure out how to add the tlp service to startup..
Ok, I think I figured out how to add it to startup..add it to 
/etc/rc.d/rc.local, set in doinst.sh
so thats done.

But still dont know how to perform post-removal tasks like removal of 
this line from rc.local or the other settings done in doinst.sh..

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