[Slackbuilds-users] Are we there yet?

Robby Workman rworkman at slackbuilds.org
Fri Nov 22 06:24:06 UTC 2013

Okay, folks, we're getting close to ready to go live. 

Here are the the things in our "to-be-removed" git branch
< http://slackbuilds.org/cgit/slackbuilds/log/?h=to-be-removed >
along with a bit of discussion if it seems relevant.  

Anything that says "build failure" will have to be fixed in order 
to keep it - those are almost surely not worth the effort at this
point, so unless you have some special interest in one of them,
you should probably ignore those.

Anything that says "abandoned by SBo maintainer" or something
along those lines is fair game, but please don't adopt a build
unless you actually use it - quite frankly, we're tired of
dragging along dead wood that only gets touched at Slackware
releases (and always by us).  

> [(to-be-removed)]$ git log 0b0ee1c456d0.. --pretty="%s" | sort
> academic/GMT: Removed (no SBo maintainer)
> academic/engauge: Removed (build failure)


> business/gnucash: Removed (build failure and etcetera)

See my commit message and have plenty of beer handy if you're
thinking of tackling this one.  There are functional finance
apps out there that do not have sadistic developers.

> graphics/gimp-fourier-plugin: Removed (no SBo maintainer)
> graphics/gimp-registry-plugins: Removed (no SBo maintainer)
> graphics/gimpfx-foundry: Removed (no SBo maintainer)

I'm surprised these haven't already been claimed...
Make sure they build properly though...

> graphics/luxblend25: Removed (no SBo maintainer)
> graphics/luxrender: Removed (no SBo maintainer)
> graphics/ocropus: Removed (no SBo maintainer)
> graphics/resynthesizer: Removed (no SBo maintainer)
> graphics/shotwell: Removed (build failure)
> libraries/QuantLib-Python: Removed (no SBo maintainer)
> libraries/QuantLib: Removed (no SBo maintainer)
> libraries/iulib: Removed (no SBo maintainer)
> misc/temper: Removed (no SBo maintainer)
> multimedia/kmediafactory: Removed (no SBo maintainer)
> network/b43legacy-firmware: Removed (welcome to 2013)
> network/flvstreamer: Removed (no SBo maintainer)


> network/krb5: Removed (build failure)
> network/mod_auth_kerb: Removed (missing dep)
> network/openssh-krb5: Removed (missing dep)

If you have some interest and can get krb5 to build, the
other two shouldn't pose a problem (note that you'll
also have to update openssh-krb5 to the latest openssh

> network/tor: Removed (out of date - no resp. from SBo maintainer)

Surprised that nobody wants this one, but meh.

> network/twitter-cmdline: Removed (No longer functional)
> office/auctex: Removed (no SBo maintainer)
> office/rastertospp: Removed (no SBo maintainer)


> perl/perl-OpenGL-Image: Removed (missing dep)
> perl/perl-OpenGL-Shader: Removed (missing dep)
> perl/perl-OpenGL: Removed (build failure)

perl-OpenGL wouldn't even consider building here, but if 
somebody can tell me why and how to fix it, I'll be more
than happy to keep these three.  Again though, only if 
you actually care because you actually use/need them.

> python/stem: Removed (missing tor dependency)


> ruby/ruby-gtk2: Removed (build failure)

See my commit message on this one.

> system/backintime: Removed (no SBo maintainer)
> system/clusterglue: Removed (no SBo maintainer)
> system/clusterresourceagents: Removed (no SBo maintainer)
> system/corosync: Removed (no SBo maintainer)
> system/epson-inkjet-printer-stylus-tx550w-series: Removed.
> system/gxemul: Removed (no SBo maintainer)


> system/ktsuss: Removed (broken in 14.1).

Yeah, I tried to fix this one.  I'm far from an expert
in C - in fact, it would be a stretch to call me a novice -
but based on the error, I thought I knew what was going on.
I was wrong.  No idea why.  Good luck.  However, a good 
question would be "why do you need ktsuss?" -- these days,
what practical use is it?

> system/nagios-plugins: Removed (no SBo maintainer)

Someone on this list posted about nagios being broken,
so maybe it should be dropped too.

> system/pacemaker: Removed (no SBo maintainer)
> system/trash-cli: Removed (no SBo maintainer)
> system/udisks-glue: Removed (build failure)


Reply soon if you want one (or more) of these *and you have
a fix already done (or can do one quickly); we'd like to 
branch git master for 14.1 pretty soon...

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