[Slackbuilds-users] system/wavemon

Nick Warne nick at linicks.net
Thu Nov 28 13:39:24 UTC 2013

Nick Warne wrote, On 26/11/13 08:56:
> Hi All,
> Willy Sudiarto Raharjo wrote, On 26/11/13 02:05:
>> have you checked for upstream patches/fixes?
> Well, I was hoping somebody else would test it to confirm the issues I
> see - I don't know if it is my system or not.
> Anyhow, I have built the source by hand and the issues are still there.
>    I then grabbed latest wavemon git code, and no change - it still gets
> stuck on whatever screen you return to, and Ctrl+c is the only way out.
> At the moment it is broken on 14.1, so needs moving to 'broken' tree for
> the minute - I will file a bug report to the wavemon people.

OK, day off work, I just shipped a bug report to the wavemon maintainer. 
  Will keep y'all updated.

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