[Slackbuilds-users] TeX Live 2014

Robby Workman robby at rlworkman.net
Tue Jun 17 01:07:49 UTC 2014

TeX Live 2014 has been released and I've found a bit of time to
do some preliminary testing, but before I upload it to SBo, I'd
like some more extensive testing from users.  If some of you TeX
users would be so kind as to pull this and build it and then 
test some of your .tex files to ensure that everything works as
expected, I'd greatly appreciate it.


Those links should be considered unstable - once it's confirmed
to work properly, the "-2014" will be removed (as the present
dir will replace the "texlive" dir in there (which currently 
contains the 2013 sources).

Thanks in advance!


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