[Slackbuilds-users] git and stuff

Miguel De Anda miguel at thedeanda.com
Thu Oct 2 05:39:52 UTC 2014

hi all,

so obviously i've used the web form, but it seems that some people here
mention their own git repositories for updates. what's that process like? i
didn't see much mention of the 'official' slackbuilds git repository but
google helped me find that. is there a preference one way or the other or
is it best to just keep my own repo and pull from the official but "push"
changes using the web form?

i still only plan on making changes to those packages i maintain but i find
i always download a copy from the site, make my changes, upload tar.gz.
it'd be nice to just pull changes from the office onto mine.

also, i'm assuming official really is

yeah yeah, i've been using slackware for years and i still sometimes ask
newbie questions.

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