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Sat Oct 25 15:24:23 UTC 2014


referring to posts from Jason Graham and Matteo Bernardini I'm upgrading
some of the ocaml-related packages.

A new Slackbuild for ocam-4.02.1 works, but this means that I'll have to
provide a new Slackbuild for camlp4 which is a no longer part of the
ocaml-sources but still required for some other packages (for example
It seems that some of the problems with lablgtk and unison will then be

Referring to Ryan P.C. McQuen's  Mail from May 20. this year I became
the maintainer of some of the ocaml-packages,
>>> libraries/ocaml-batteries
>>> libraries/ocaml-bisect
>>> libraries/ocaml-camomile
>>> libraries/ocaml-findlib
>>> libraries/ocaml-ounit

But I'm not sure about bisect because I don't think that Willi Sudiarto Raharjo really abandoned this Slackbuild???




Markus Hutmacher

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