[Slackbuilds-users] Current or Release?

Ryan P.C. McQuen ryan.q at linux.com
Sun Aug 9 05:33:03 UTC 2015

On Aug 8, 2015 10:10 PM, "Klaatu" <klaatu at straightedgelinux.com> wrote:
> This has come up in emails a few times now, so I figured I'd ask the
> list about it:
> Does SlackBuilds.org guarantee compatibility with Slackware-Current or
> with the latest release?
> I had always understood it was the latest release (especially since the
> search function on the website filters by release number). But several
> times in emails, people have mentioned being based on -current.
> I test build and test on the latest release. Is this what other
> maintainers are doing or are people assuming -current?
> -klaatu

Current is not supported.
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