[Slackbuilds-users] [SlackBuild-Users] Opinions needed - hugin and incompatibilities with stock Slackware package

titopoquito titopoquito at gmail.com
Mon Aug 17 07:09:39 UTC 2015

Hi all,

I am the maintainer of the hugin SlackBuild, a program for creating 
panorama photos. A newer version has been released about a week ago. 
When compiling it, I succeeded first, then ran into problems trying to 
reproduce it. Being none of a programmer, I finally (after serious 
headbanging) found two workarounds that both look not optimal to me. 
Opinions on this one are highly appreciated.

Problem overview:
hugin needs enblend-enfuse, which in turn needs the vigra library. For 
the new hugin version, vigra needs to be build with openexr support. 
That's fine, openexr is bundled with Slackware 14.1. But when vigra is 
compiled with openexr-support then enblend-enfuse later stops during 
configuring claiming that libvigraimpex is not found [if someone wants 
more info about this, please email me]. No error is given if vigra is 
compiled without the openexr option, but then hugin later refuses to 
compile because it says vigra has to be compiled with openexr support. Duh.

Workaround 1:
Install vigra twice - first without openexr support, then compile 
enblend-enfuse, then the second vigra install WITH openexr support. With 
this, hugin compiles, but I cannot say if it will give errors working on 
real high dynamic-range photos.

Workaround 2:
I could trace down enblend-enfuses unwillingess to compile with the 
openexr-enabled vigra to to the ilmbase package bundled with Slackware. 
ilmbase does not pick up pthread libraries without being told so 
explicitely. When compiled with "-pthread" added to the SLKCFLAGS the 
errors disappear and all build fine - ilmbase, openexr [rebuilt just to 
be sure], vigra, enblend-enfuse, hugin. BINGO.
But as it is shipped with Slackware and obviously noone had problems 
before, I hesitate asking Pat to include this pthread option, the more 
because it is not for security reasons.

So I am considering to forget the new hugin version for now and to ask 
Pat to include the pthread option to ilmbase for the upcoming release.

If you got here thanks for reading :D Any thoughts/suggestions?


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