[Slackbuilds-users] Marco Boneti's Packages

Philip Lacroix slackph at posteo.de
Fri Nov 6 16:21:49 UTC 2015

Am 02.11.2015 16:34 schrieb Willy Sudiarto Raharjo:
> I contacted Marco and he no longer maintain his packages, so feel free
> to grab and send updates to the following packages

I can take system/xar as well, of course if nobody else is interested.

The original project at Google Code has been idle since 2007 (1.5.2), 
it was forked on GitHub and a small team has been continuing 


Their latest release is xar-1.6.1 (2012), they made some bug fixes and
enhancements, so I was thinking about updating the SlackBuild with this
one. Looks good so far, at least from a user's point of view.

Anyone looked at this fork? I'm interested in what you guys think about 


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