[Slackbuilds-users] zita-ajbridge 0.6.0

B Watson yalhcru at gmail.com
Mon Nov 9 06:41:03 UTC 2015

Does anyone else use zita-ajbridge? I'm the maintainer, and I'm seriously
considering reverting to 0.4.0 (I just upgraded it to 0.6.0 last week).

Before I submitted the update, I did minimal testing, basically just
checked whether or not it worked, let it run for a few seconds, called
it good. It turns out that 0.6.0 fails after a few minutes runtime... but
I only have one system available to test it on [*]. So I'd like to know:

- Did anyone else have problems after upgrading to 0.6.0?

- Did anyone have problems with 0.4.0 that were fixed by upgrading to 0.6.0?

[*] Before anyone asks, no, zita-ajbridge can't be usefully tested on
    a VM. There's no place to plug in a guitar (or microphone, etc)
    on a VM, other that the hosts's sound hardware (which might be the
    case of the problem)... and getting the jack-audio realtime stuff
    to work correctly in a VM is a nightmare I don't care to revisit.

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