[Slackbuilds-users] Update w3af 1.0 to w3af 1.6.49

MrAlk3 mralk3 at exitstatusone.com
Thu Nov 12 00:06:40 UTC 2015


Just last week I picked up maintenance of w3af.  I'm working on updating w3af 
to version 1.6.49.  There is a significant list of dependencies missing from 
SBo to be able to install 1.6.49.  Still not sure if I have identified all the 

I am relatively new still as a SlackBuilds maintainer, and I have not 
maintained software for any Linux distro in the past.  I need a bit of advice 
on how to proceed further into this little project.

Here is the ticket I am using to track my progress on Github:

I've made a separate branch for w3af as well, here:

Should I create SlackBuilds for all the python modules required for w3af?

Is it possible to have pip install the missing dependencies from within the 
w3af.SlackBuild script?  Or is this against SBo policiy?

I would like to maintain w3af, but it is proving to be more demanding than I 
originally thought it would be.  Guidance from someone with more experience as 
a SBo maintainer would be welcome.  I am not asking for anyone to do the work 
for me, just some ideas as to what path I should take.

Brenton Earl

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