[Slackbuilds-users] Nodejs vs node

Ryan P.C. McQuen ryan.q at linux.com
Mon Nov 30 02:42:14 UTC 2015

> Thanks for the explanation, Ryan. It makes sense and I agree we should
> keep both. It might be a good idea to give this a brief mention in the
> README, something like "nodejs is the project that was forked from
> node and merged back. It includes many breaking changes". Maybe advise
> users to stick with 0.12.7 until they test their application.
> Guess I'll try out nodejs and see if it breaks anything. I'm sticking
> with LTS instead of the stable branch since that one seems like it
> breaks even more things.

There is a note now about the conflict, but I agree, the explanation should
be a bit more robust.  :-)
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