[Slackbuilds-users] abandoning jalview

Alexander Verbovetsky alik at ejik.org
Sun Oct 15 13:00:12 UTC 2017


> I am abandoning this:
> academic/jalview/
> The reasons:
> It has an installer
> (http://www.jalview.org/Web_Installers/install.htm) and extracting the
> contents from the installer required an old version of p7zip. This
> caused p7zip to be stuck with that old version at SBo for quite some
> time. Finally, I decided to host it myself at sourceforge as a tar.gz
> -- this means that I have to keep an old version of p7zip and
> repackage and upload the 'source' to SF every time there's an update
> from upstream. Too much of a hassle...

I'm not a user of jalview and have no idea about its value, but if you
would like to keep it, maybe it's possible to create a new SlackBuild
for the old version of p7zip, such SlackBuild will require no

Or (maybe better) the SlackBuild for jalview could contain old p7zip (or
download it from sourceforge).

Best regards,

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