[Slackbuilds-users] tinyproxy source download 404

Dario Niedermann dario at darioniedermann.it
Tue Oct 17 17:17:53 UTC 2017

Il 17/10/2017 alle 15:11, Dario Niedermann ha scritto:

> There's a BIG problem with 1.8.4: the PGP signatures on the tarballs
> don't verify. I've been trying to contact the signer for 2 days about
> this.

Update: alert cancelled... I succeeded in talking via email and IRC to
the developer and signer. He confirmed that the tarballs hadn't been
willingly tampered with, and signed them anew.

Elements making me think I have probably talked to the real developer:

1. he decrypted my email, encrypted to his public key;
2. he replied as channel operator of #tinyproxy on irc.freenode.net;
3. he was able to reupload new signatures to GitHub.

Good enough?

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