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> Hello there, Slack users,
> I just joined.
> I hope you are all doing well, and that this list is still active.
> I am migrating from Debian systemD. I tried Devuan as well. It is
> difficult to change distros when you have many computers/notebooks and
> you want them to share the same distro.
> Some of my small scripts and programs need to adapt. It is not a big
> deal, but I want them to keep organized. I think the best way is to
> reorganize them within the parameters and directory structure of a
> slackware package.
> Please, what is a good updated detailed source of explanation about
> the format and internals of a tgz tar-ball (package)?
> Thanks and still in time, happy 2022.

Welcome! They're pretty simple. The majority of it is simply extracted to
the root filesystem and is stored with the exact layout it is expected to
have on the root filesystem.

Where it differs is the install/ directory. This houses the files for the
Slackware package manager. The two most common are slack-desc and
doinst.sh. The former is used as the information displayed by Slackware's
package manager during installation and maintenance. The latter is an
optional file that is run immediately after the package is installed. You
can see SBo's templates for both at the below address.

Good luck,
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