[Slackbuilds-users] peer-to-peer: aMule / mldonkey , gnutella, soulseek, transmission-qt, etc.?

Dominik Drobek dominik.drobek at o2.pl
Fri Mar 18 17:45:02 UTC 2022

W dniu 18.03.2022 o 04:37, David Chmelik pisze:
> It's good EiskaltDC++ and SoulSeek are still on but latter's six 
> years old but for some idiotic reason they made newer version require 
> SELinux.

Hi David,

I'm the maintainer of SoulseekQt. There is a workaround for this SELinux 
dependency, I just didn't have the motivation to implement it and post 
an update to SBo. But I can look into this if there's demand for it.

I recommend Nicotine+ over the official client anyway. :)


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