[Slackbuilds-users] Mathics 4 SlackBuild out

David Chmelik dchmelik at gmail.com
Sat Mar 19 11:35:28 UTC 2022

Mathics 4 SlackBuilds is out (can add to SBo-git: ) 
http://davidchmelik.com/slackbuilds/academic/mathics.tar.gz .
     Mathics is Free/Libre/Opensource Software (FLS, OSS, FOSS, FLOSS) 
implementation of Wolfram (Mathematica) programming language subset.  
Mathematica seemed main academic mathematics software during decades I 
was maths majoring at two colleges/unviersities (used at many worldwide 
and there are conferences for it.)  Of course many more exist (Casio & 
HP & Sharp & Ti & newer graphing calculators, Antiprism, Cadabra, 
Cantor, FET, Fractint, Genius, Geogebra, Gnofract, LabPlot, Maple, 
Mathomatic, MATLAB, Maxima, Pari, R, Reduce-Algebra, Rocs, SAGE, SMath 
Studio, Scilab, TeX, XaoS, ZeGrapher, most these being on SBo and some 
for mathematical logic,  applied mathematics/natural science, etc.) but 
all professors I had used Mathematica whether other software also.
     Mathematica manual doesn't even fit a bookshelf since late '0s or 
early '10s and the only other almost-all-encompassing alternative one 
professor suggested is SAGE.  While a few others like MATLAB 
(unfortunately proprietary) may be easier for specific uses they're not 
as comprehensive.
     Mathics is command-line/graphical but seems graphical version might 
now be separate software, so if you want that. don't necessarily 
upgrade... I'll try to SlackBuild and stated I'd try to SlackBuild 
Mathics-omnibus but if anyone beats me to those it's fine...

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