[Slackbuilds-users] Creating First Slackbuilds and Github

Ruben Schuller sb at rbn.im
Sat Mar 19 21:06:51 UTC 2022


2022-03-19 Brandon Pribula <b.pribs11 at gmail.com>:

> Thanks for your reply, Ruben :) That's great! I can't believe I
> missed that before.  When I download it I get:
> nameofpackage-1369d247e3d2bc697892795dea8cc1713344749f.zip
> Is the version of the package okay like this:
> nameofpackage-*1369d247e3d2bc697892795dea8cc1713344749f*-noarch-1_SBo

You'll definitively need this version to extract the zip archive, but
you can store this in another variable in your slackbuild like 


for the version I'd either go with the date like 220319 if there aren't
multiple commits on that date, or with the short-hash of git:

git rev-parse --short 1369d247e3d2bc697892795dea8cc1713344749f

(you need to clone the git repository and execute this). You also
find the short hash in the github UI, but it's hard to explain in a
mail :)


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