[Slackbuilds-users] Updated list of builds that were removed for 15.0

MDrights psychi2009 at gmail.com
Sun Mar 20 08:43:51 UTC 2022


I suddenly found that network/riot-web was not removed.

I was the maintainer of it but once announced the giving-up. 

Actually riot-web was renamed to element.io and seemingly most users are using web version. 

So this slackbuild can be removed otherwise someone would like to take over it. :)


On Tue, Mar 15, 2022 at 11:56:19PM -0400, B Watson wrote:
> Since the list I posted before had some stuff that wasn't really
> removed, here's a corrected version.
> https://slackware.uk/~urchlay/src/sbo-removed-for-15.0.txt
> Some of these wouldn't be hard to get building on 15.0. I just
> re-added games/rejoystick, it needed a minor tweak to its configure
> command (LIBS="-lX11"). Some of them are never going to happen,
> e.g. KDE4 apps.
> Rest of this mail is the list (same as the URL above).
> academic/Mnemosyne: Removed (requires nonexistent PyQtWebEngine dep).
> academic/QtiPlot: Removed.
> academic/Xyce: Removed (ftb).
> academic/abella: Removed (ftb).
> academic/avogadro: Removed.
> academic/bpp-core: Removed (ftb + no active maintainer).
> academic/bpp-phyl-omics: Removed (ftb + no active maintainer).
> academic/bpp-phyl: Removed (ftb + no active maintainer).
> academic/bpp-popgen: Removed (ftb + no active maintainer).
> academic/bpp-seq-omics: Removed (ftb + no active maintainer).
> academic/bpp-seq: Removed (ftb + no active maintainer).
> academic/bpp1.9-numcalc: Removed (ftb + no active maintainer).
> academic/bpp1.9-phyl: Removed (ftb + no active maintainer).
> academic/bpp1.9-seq: Removed (ftb + no active maintainer).
> academic/bpp1.9-utils: Removed (ftb + no active maintainer).
> academic/bppsuite: Removed (ftb + no active maintainer).
> academic/coq: Removed (ftb).
> academic/drawtiming: Removed (incompatible with the newer gcc).
> academic/flashqard: Removed (no qt4-webkit available).
> academic/gcompris: Removed.
> academic/prank-msa: Removed (ftb + no active maintainer).
> academic/treerecs: Removed (ftb + no active maintainer).
> academic/vCAPS_coevolution: Removed (ftb + no active maintainer).
> audio/Pd-extended: Removed (ftbfs)
> audio/cuberok: Removed (unmaintained, qt4).
> audio/lastfm: Removed (because libraries/lastfm was removed).
> audio/llcon: Removed (abandoned, ftbfs).
> audio/spandsp: Removed (roger-router is removed).
> business/AssociationSubscribersManager: Removed (abandoned, ftbfs).
> business/lemonpos: Removed (requires KDE4).
> desktop/cairo-compmgr: Removed.
> desktop/crystal: Removed (no more kde4).
> desktop/gtk-kde4: Removed (no more kde4).
> desktop/homerun: Removed (no more kde4).
> desktop/kcometen4: Removed (no more kde4).
> desktop/kover: Removed (no more kde4).
> desktop/plasma-adjustable-clock: Removed (no more kde4).
> desktop/plasma-applet-daisy: Removed (no more kde4).
> desktop/plasma-eyasdp: Removed (no more kde4).
> desktop/plasma-geek-clock: Removed (no more kde4).
> desktop/plasma-widget-menubar: Removed (abandonded ftbfs).
> desktop/ptbatterysystemtray: Removed (abandoned upstream).
> desktop/qt-recordmydesktop: Removed (needs PyQt4).
> desktop/qtcurve: Removed (no more kde4).
> desktop/quadkonsole4: Removed (no more kde4).
> desktop/quickaccess: Removed (no more kde4).
> desktop/recorditnow: Removed (no more kde4).
> desktop/screensaver-icon: Removed (source does not exist).
> desktop/simon: Removed (no more kde4).
> desktop/simplenote: Removed (abandoned by SBo maintainer)
> desktop/vertex-maia-themes: Removed.
> desktop/vivacious-colors-gtk-icon-theme: Removed (does not work well
> with xfce 4.16)
> desktop/vivacious-colors-gtk-theme: Removed (does not work well with xfce 4.16)
> desktop/xfce4-embed-plugin: Removed (no more libxfce4ui-1).
> desktop/yawp: Removed (no more kde4).
> development/JSONObject: Removed (incompatible with the newer boost).
> development/adoptopenjdk-openj9: Removed (EOL).
> development/adoptopenjdk: Removed (EOL).
> development/ahven: Removed (needs gprbuild).
> development/atom: Removed (no maintainer).
> development/bacon: Removed (no maintainer).
> development/couchdb: Removed (ftb, no maintainer).
> development/eric: Removed (needs PyQt4).
> development/flow: Removed (ftb).
> development/fsharp: Removed (abandoned).
> development/gcclegacy494: Removed (FTB).
> development/jdk12: Removed (EOL).
> development/jdk13: Removed (EOL).
> development/jdk14: Removed (EOL).
> development/jdk15: Removed (EOL).
> development/jdk16: Removed (EOL).
> development/jupyter-ipyleaflet: Removed (abandoned).
> development/jupyter-ipywidgets: Removed (abandoned).
> development/jupyter-nbdime: Removed (abandoned).
> development/jupyter-widgetsnbextension: Removed (abandoned).
> development/libbitcoin: Removed (incompat boost 1.78).
> development/libodb-boost: Removed (abandoned).
> development/libodb-mysql: Removed (abandoned).
> development/libodb-pgsql: Removed (abandoned).
> development/libodb-qt: Removed (abandoned).
> development/libodb-sqlite: Removed (abandoned).
> development/libodb: Removed (abandoned).
> development/monkey-studio: Removed (no qt4-qscintilla).
> development/mono-debugger: Removed (abandoned and ftb).
> development/monodevelop: Removed (abandoned).
> development/mrustc: Removed (rust now in slackware).
> development/nuget: Removed (abandoned).
> development/numpy-legacy3: Removed (ftb).
> development/odb: Removed (abandoned).
> development/qt-creator2: Removed (abandoned).
> development/referenceassemblies-pcl: Removed (abandoned).
> development/sourcenav: Removed.
> development/swift: Removed (abandoned, ftbfs).
> development/xemacs: Removed (unmaintained @ SBo)
> games/chocolate_duke3D: Removed (broken and abandoned).
> games/ember: Removed (not compatible with latest OGRE).
> games/etlegacy-from-source: Removed (use the binary).
> games/gens-gs: Removed (no maintainer).
> games/glPortal: Removed (will not build against bullet 3.x, ran out of
> patience).
> games/qtsixa: Removed (FTBFS, unmaintained, replace someday with "sixad").
> games/sumwars: Removed (ftbfs).
> gis/CreateCloudMap: Removed (Service is shut down).
> gis/spatialite_gui: Removed.
> graphics/freewrl: Removed (no maintainer, ftbfs).
> graphics/k3d: Removed (FTBFS).
> graphics/kamerka: Removed (KDE4 app, untouched since 2014).
> graphics/mitsuba-blender: Removed (ftbfs).
> graphics/mitsuba: Removed (ftbfs).
> graphics/mlbrot: Removed (ftb).
> graphics/rawstudio: Removed (FTBFS).
> graphics/separate+: Removed (crashed at runtime).
> graphics/teighaviewer: Removed (outdated binary-only software).
> graphics/yesplz: Removed (No longer maintained).
> ham/linlogbook: Removed.
> ham/qradiopredict: Removed.
> haskell/haskell-cabal-install: Removed (ftbfs, unmaintained).
> haskell/haskell-exceptions: Removed (part of ghc).
> haskell/haskell-hackage-security: Removed (ftbfs, unmaintained).
> haskell/haskell-hashed-storage: Removed (ftbfs, unmaintained).
> haskell/haskell-haskell-src: Removed (ftbfs, unmaintained).
> haskell/haskell-hslogger: Removed (ftbfs, unmaintained).
> haskell/haskell-http-api-data: Removed (ftbfs, unmaintained).
> haskell/haskell-megaparsec: Removed (ftbfs, no maintainer).
> haskell/haskell-mustache: Removed (ftbfs, no maintainer).
> haskell/haskell-neat-interpolation: Removed (ftbfs, no maintainer).
> haskell/haskell-optparse-simple: Removed (ftbfs, unmaintained).
> haskell/haskell-parallel: Removed (ftbfs, unmaintained).
> haskell/haskell-persistent-sqlite: Removed (ftbfs, unmaintained).
> haskell/haskell-persistent-template: Removed (ftbfs, unmaintained).
> haskell/haskell-persistent: Removed (ftbfs, unmaintained).
> haskell/haskell-stack: Removed (ftbfs, unmaintained).
> haskell/haskell-store: Removed (ftbfs, unmaintained).
> kildclient: Version updated. Added new dependency for gtkspell3.
> Removed perl-JSON dependency.
> libraries/DirectFB: Removed (old age, lack of use).
> libraries/GtkD: Removed (not used by any slackbuild)
> libraries/PyQwt: Removed (needs PyQt4).
> libraries/appmenu-qt: Removed (orphaned - qt4 + ftbfs).
> libraries/atlas: Removed (use OpenBLAS).
> libraries/beignet: Removed (incompatible with the newer llvm).
> libraries/cppo: Removed (ftb).
> libraries/db46: Removed (not needed, and conflicts with Slack db48)
> libraries/dbus-sharp-glib: Removed (dbus-sharp ftbfs)
> libraries/dbus-sharp: Removed (ftbfs)
> libraries/folly: Removed (orphaned and FTB).
> libraries/gazebo: Removed (no qt4-webkit available).
> libraries/glfw: Removed (no dependees, conflicts with glfw3).
> libraries/gstreamer-editing-services: Removed.
> libraries/gtk-qt-engine: Removed (abandoned ftbfs).
> libraries/hinnant-date: Removed (included in sqlpp11).
> libraries/hpx: Removed (orphaned and FTB).
> libraries/hug: Removed (no maintainer).
> libraries/lapack-atlas: Removed (Along with atlas).
> libraries/libgaiagraphics: Removed (obsoleted upstream).
> libraries/libido3: Removed.
> libraries/libquvi-scripts: Removed.
> libraries/libquvi: Removed (Not needed as cclive is removed).
> libraries/libsunpinyin: Removed (no maintainer).
> libraries/libtorrent-rasterbar-legacy: Removed.
> libraries/libtunepimp: Removed (ftbfs)
> libraries/mariadb_client: Removed (substituted by connector, FTB).
> libraries/ocaml-bisect: Removed (ftb).
> libraries/ocaml-ounit: Removed (ftb).
> libraries/opal: Removed.
> libraries/opencv-legacy: Removed (not compatible with opencv).
> libraries/pgplot: Removed (abandoned upstream and FTB).
> libraries/php-mssql: Removed (no more mssql ext in php 7.4.x).
> libraries/proxygen: Removed (orphaned and FTB).
> libraries/ptlib: Removed.
> libraries/qwt-qt5: Removed (redundant; use qwt).
> libraries/qwtpolar: Removed (FTBFS, and no dependees).
> libraries/ring-daemon: Removed (superseded by jami).
> libraries/ring-lrc: Removed (superseded by jami).
> libraries/sqlpp11-connector-mysql: Removed (included in sqlpp11).
> libraries/sqlpp11-connector-sqlite3: Removed (included in sqlpp11).
> libraries/t38modem-opal: Removed (missing dependency).
> libraries/t38modem-ptlib: Removed (incompatible with openssl-1.1.x).
> libraries/trilinos: Removed (no dependees; conflicts with mpich and openmpi)
> libraries/upscaledb: Removed (orphaned and FTB).
> libraries/vdpau-video: Removed (obsolete, abandoned upstream, FTB).
> libraries/vte3-ng: Removed (conflicts with vte in Slackware).
> libraries/wangle: Removed (orphaned and FTB).
> misc/Publican: Removed (missing perl dependencies).
> misc/fribid: Removed (not compatible with openssl-1.1.x).
> misc/hashkill: Removed (not compatible with openssl-1.1.x).
> misc/igal2: Removed (ftp + no active maintainer)
> misc/protobuf: Removed (use protobuf3 instead).
> misc/readesm: Removed (no qt4-webkit available).
> misc/scim-chewing: Removed (no scim in Slackware anymore).
> multimedia/OpenPHT: Removed (superseded by plex media player and plex htpc)
> multimedia/freshplayerplugin: Removed.
> multimedia/gecko-mediaplayer: Removed.
> multimedia/gst-plugins-bad: Removed (conflict w/Slackware gst-plugins-bad-free).
> multimedia/lwks: Removed (membership and licensing changes).
> multimedia/mythplugins: Removed (ftb + no active maintainer)
> multimedia/mythtv: Removed (ftb + no active maintainer)
> multimedia/pepperflash-plugin: Removed.
> multimedia/plex-home-theater: Removed (ftbs, upstream dead).
> multimedia/simpleburn: Removed (upstream is dead).
> multimedia/subtitlecomposer: Removed (needs kde4).
> multimedia/totem: Removed (no maintainer, ftbfs).
> network/Icecat: Removed (unmaintained, ftbfs).
> network/airpwn-ng: Removed
> network/arora: Removed (unmaintained upstream).
> network/base: Removed (ftp + no active maintainer)
> network/basilisk: Removed (upstream development suspended).
> network/bird: Removed (no maintainer).
> network/cclive: Removed (Not building on 15.0).
> network/corebird: Removed.
> network/dbmail: Removed.
> network/dclib: Removed.
> network/dobbscoin: Removed.
> network/dogecoin: Removed.
> network/elemental-ircd: Removed.
> network/emacs-w3m: Removed.
> network/etcd: Removed.
> network/ettercap-NG: Removed (incompatible with the newer openssl).
> network/fwbuilder: Removed (ftb + no active maintainer)
> network/ganglia-web: Removed.
> network/ganglia: Removed.
> network/gq: Removed.
> network/greenbone-security-assistant: Removed.
> network/gtmess: Removed.
> network/guacamole-server: Removed freerdp dep (part of slackware).
> network/guacamole-server: Removed.
> network/hylafax: Removed (ftb + no active maintainer)
> network/ike: Removed.
> network/imapproxy: Removed.
> network/iptv-analyzer: Removed.
> network/kadu: Removed (unmaintained).
> network/kcm_ufw: Removed.
> network/kfilebox: Removed.
> network/knemo: Removed.
> network/kobby: Removed (no kde4 anymore).
> network/libcapi20: Removed (roger-router is removed).
> network/libinfinity: Removed (unused).
> network/libqinfinity: Removed (unused).
> network/lighttpd2: Removed (still too unripe).
> network/linuxdcpp: Removed.
> network/mldonkey: Removed.
> network/ntop: Removed.
> network/openl2tp: Removed.
> network/openrdate: Removed.
> network/openvas-manager: Removed.
> network/pdnsd: Removed.
> network/pgl: Removed (No maintainer).
> network/pound: Removed.
> network/qutebrowser-tox: Removed.
> network/quvi: Removed (Not needed as cclive is removed).
> network/rekonq: Removed (KDE4 app).
> network/roger-router: Removed (source only for flatpak).
> network/sks-keyserver: Removed.
> network/slimjet: Removed (abandoned by SBo maintainer)
> network/smuxi: Removed (dbus-sharp dep ftbfs)
> network/squidGuard: Removed (upstream no longer maintained).
> network/t38modem: Removed (missing dependency).
> network/ucspi-ssl: Removed.
> network/vacuum-im: Removed (no maintainer).
> network/valknut: Removed.
> network/verm: Removed (unused, no dependees).
> network/wireguard-linux-compat: Removed (part of newer kernels).
> office/focuswriter-legacy: Removed (use focuswriter instead).
> office/fop-legacy: Removed (ftbfs)
> office/hyphen-id: Removed (merged with hunspell-id).
> office/kate-latex-plugin: Removed (KDE4 app; use kile instead).
> office/kchmviewer: Removed (redundant; use kchmviewer-qt).
> office/marave: Removed (PyQt4; unmaintained upstream since 2015)
> office/teams-for-linux: Removed (Use official teams).
> office/teapot: Removed (website and source are not available).
> office/wyrd: Removed (ftbfs)
> python/planes: Removed.
> python/python-branca: Removed (abandoned).
> python/python-poppler-qt4: Removed (needs poppler-qt4).
> python/python2-blake2: Removed (unused, python2, ftbfs).
> python/traittypes: Removed (abandoned).
> system/bareos-client: Removed (orphaned, ftbfs).
> system/bareos: Removed (orphaned, ftbfs).
> system/elo-mt-usb: Removed (download is gone, we dont have the
> hardware to test new versions).
> system/flSynclient: Removed (no maintainer).
> system/hebe: Removed (KDE4 app).
> system/kcm_touchpad: Removed (KDE4 app).
> system/kcollectd: Removed (KDE4 app).
> system/kitchen-sync: Removed (unused, no dependees).
> system/komparator4: Removed (KDE4 app).
> system/kvpm: Removed (KDE4 app).
> system/lxd: Removed (ftb, no maintainer).
> system/multicorn: Removed (FTBFS, even with debian patches and/or latest git).
> system/nvidia-legacy304-driver: Removed (unmaintained, ftbfs).
> system/nvidia-legacy304-kernel: Removed (unmaintained, ftbfs).
> system/oracle-xe: Removed (old version, not available for download).
> system/packagekit: Removed.
> system/python3-urwid: Removed.
> system/qingy: Removed (old age, lack of use).
> system/qingy_0.3_themepack: Removed (old age, lack of use).
> system/spl-solaris: Removed (fails to build, unused).
> system/suhosin: Removed (not compatible with newer PHP).
> system/termite: Removed (obsoleted by alacritty).
> system/tilix: Removed (ftbfs, no maintainer).
> system/tpe-kmod: Removed (ftbfs, no upstream activity).
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