[Slackbuilds-users] Slack 15 - nvidia-driver (535.98) - libcrypto.so.3 not found

Lenard Spencer lenardrspencer at gmail.com
Thu Aug 24 16:10:12 UTC 2023

That file is for openssl version 3 which was added to current.  There is
also /usr/lib64/libnvidia-pkcs11.so which uses the older openssl 1.1.  Here
is the excerpt from the README.txt (in the section "installed components"):

o   Cryptography library wrappers,
     ('/usr/lib/libnvidia-pkcs11.so.535.98') and
     ('/usr/lib/libnvidia-pkcs11.openssl3.so.535.98'), which dynamically
     link to the system's OpenSSL libraries and provide cryptography
     operations when the GPU and driver are operating in Confidential
     mode. The driver attempts to use OpenSSL 3 first and if OpenSSL 3 is
     available then it will attempt to use OpenSSL 1.1.

Unless you are trying to run some super-duper ultramodern cryptominer,
there shouldn't be any problems with the driver.
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