[Slackbuilds-users] sphinx-rtd-theme (Python) vs sphinx_rtd_theme (Development)

KB_SBo sbo at linuxgalaxy.org
Wed Feb 15 18:13:28 UTC 2023

Hello Admins,

It appears that

sphinx-rtd-theme    Python         0.4.3    15.0
sphinx_rtd_theme    Development    0.4.2    15.0

are duplicates. sphinx-rtd-theme (Python) pypi link references the git
repo for sphinx_rtd_theme (Development). Both project pages state that
installation is via

$ pip install sphinx-rtd-theme

with current version at 1.2.0. I do not think we need both in SBo.

This came up from a report that qemu now needs both Sphinx and
sphinx-rtd-theme in order to build the documentation.


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