[Slackbuilds-users] [slint] 1password on slint

Didier Spaier didier at slint.fr
Mon Jan 23 12:58:22 UTC 2023


Le 23/01/2023 à 11:16, Aaron Hewitt a écrit :
> I have just tried to install 1password on Slint using slapt-src, as it doesn't
> appear to be in any of the repos, and got the error:
> MD5SUM mismatch for 1password-latest.rpm

The file 01_password.info includes a md5sum hash, in this line:

After having downloaded 1password-latest.rpm slapt-src runs md5sum on it and
check if it matches this hash.

Most probably the packaged ran md5sum against an older version of the source,
hence the error.

Usually my advice would be to request the maintainer to update the value of
MD5SUM_x86_64, unfortunately his password noted in 01_password.info is none at none.com

So the best you can do no would be to just run the SlackBuild. As the source has
already been fetched you could just do this:
cd /var/lib/slapt-src/office/1password/
then as root or using sudo:
sh 1password.SlackBuild
You will get the package in /tmp, at time of writing:
That you can install with spkg or installpkg.

Or just download the files from:
ins some directory and run the SlackBuild fro there.

This being said I would never include in a Slint repository a stuff without
source code available (and this query:
shows that I am not alone), especially if is presents itself as a tool to
increase security.

Further the downloaded RPM is intended for developers and this page:
Before you set up 1Password for Linux, you’ll need to sign up for an account.

@SBo admins:
All this considered, maybe the source file should be stored somewhere to
make sure the md5sum is right as the source is not versioned?
Or (better in my humble opinion) just remove this SlackBuild from the repository?


> I'm relatively new to the slackbuild system, and was wondering if anyone knew a
> fix for this error? I could always attempt to edit the slackbuild file and
> install again, but if there's a better/easy way I'd like to know about it before
> I go digging around.
> Thank you for your time,
> Aaron Hewitt.

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