[Slackbuilds-users] mate-terminal

Franzen slackbuilds at schoepfer.info
Sun Jun 4 04:55:27 UTC 2023

Am 4. Juni 2023 05:54:20 MESZ schrieb Didier Spaier <didier at slint.fr>:
>Le 04/06/2023 à 02:39, marav a écrit :
>> Le 04/06/2023 à 01:00, Didier Spaier a écrit :
>>> Le 04/06/2023 à 00:46, marav a écrit :
>>>> Le 04/06/2023 à 00:42, Didier Spaier a écrit :
>>>>> Le 04/06/2023 à 00:30, marav a écrit :
>>>>>> It needs mate-desktop
>>>>> mate-desktop does provide the file
>>>>> /usr/share/glib-2.0/schemas/org.mate.interface.gschema.xml but mate terminal
>>>>> works without that, I just checked (I have upgraded all mate components to their
>>>>> latest version for Slint a few days ago).
>>>>> _______________________________________________
>>>> Not here
>>>> plus, it is listed as running dependency by all others (arch, gentoo, fedora, ...)
>>>> ex: for Fedora
>>>> *# needed to get a gsettings schema, rhbz #908105
>>>> Requires:      mate-desktop-libs
>>>> Requires:      gsettings-desktop-schemas*
>>> didier[~]$ mate-terminal --version
>>> Terminal MATE 1.26.1
>>> didier[~]$ ldd /usr/bin/mate-terminal|grep mate
>>> didier[~]$
>>> As there are 88 sonames I refrained to post the full output of ldd ;)
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>> https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=908105
>> More than 10 years old bug report, but it seems that all others include
>> mate-desktop as a requirement
>> And, so far, mate-terminal is not working for Jim, as for me
>You made me curious.
>When I removed the mate-desktop package I was (and still am) in the LXQt desktop.
>So I typed "session-chooser mate", pressed Ctrl+Alt+F2, logged in then typed startx.
>Not surprisingly MATE didn't start. I redirect the standard error to /tmp/$(id
>-nu)/startx.err when running startx and found there a lot of errors.
>So I ran (from LXQt still running) a small script which scans not found binaries
>dependencies and the output (attached) indeed includes a lot of lines like this one:
>libmate-desktop-2.so.17 => not found
>although amazingly none while checking a binary file shipped in mate-terminal.
>So even if mate-terminal per se does not require mate-desktop, it of course
>doesn't make sense to start a MATE desktop without a mate-desktop package ;)
>This not withstanding mate-terminal continue to work for me if started from
>another graphical environment than MATE (at least mate-terminal version 1.26.1).

Thanks for all the Info, i'll have a look in a few days when i'm home again. I did only check for build time requirements for mate-terminal, and using it in MATE, so i didn't notice.


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