[Slackbuilds-users] Updates - 20230617.1

Willy Sudiarto Raharjo willysr at slackbuilds.org
Sat Jun 17 10:38:02 UTC 2023

Hi all

Just heads up that next week public update will be pushed 1 day earlier
Also reminder to all maintainers to check their scripts using 
sbo-maintainer-tools before submitting new version.

Sat Jun 17 10:19:43 UTC 2023
academic/FreeFem: Updated for version 4.13.
academic/python3-scipy: New maintainer
academic/xsimd: New maintainer
audio/ncspot: Updated for version 0.13.3.
desktop/Tela-icon-theme: Update script.
desktop/qtile: updated REQUIRES
desktop/recoll: Updated for version 1.34.4.
desktop/sun: Updated homepage.
development/composer: Updated for version 2.5.8
development/csmith: Added (generates random C programs).
development/hhvm: Updated for version 4.168.2
development/hugo: Updated for version 0.113.0
development/jdk: Updated for version 8u371.
development/php82: Updated for version 8.2.7
development/rust16: Updated for version 1.69.0.
development/universal-ctags: Updated for version p6.0.20230611.0
development/vscode-bin: Updated for version 1.79.2.
development/vscodium: Updated for version
games/PrismLauncher: Updated for version 7.1.
graphics/CairoSVG: updated REQUIRES
graphics/blockbench: Added (3D Model Editor).
graphics/jhead: Updated for version 3.08.
graphics/libplacebo: README correction
graphics/vuescan: Updated for version 9.8.03.
ham/hackrf: Updated for version 2023.01.1, moved from development.
libraries/VTK: Patch for gcc13
libraries/libde265: Updated for version 1.0.12.
libraries/pymediainfo: Updated for version 6.0.1.
libraries/qt-jpegxl-image-plugin: Updated for version 0.4.3.
libraries/rarfile: Updated for version 4.0.
libraries/webrtc-audio-processing: Update source.
libraries/zeromq: New maintainer
misc/open-simh: Updated for version 8b6c0b6.
multimedia/QMPlay2: Updated for version 23.06.04.
multimedia/makemkv: Update DOWNLOAD urls.
network/AdGuardHome: Updated for version 0.107.32.
network/Electrum: Updated for version 4.4.4
network/brave-browser: Updated for version 1.52.126.
network/dkimproxy: New maintainer
network/dropbox: Updated for version 176.4.5108.
network/ejabberd: Fix rc.ejabberd.
network/mailman: Switched to Python3. New maintainer.
network/microsoft-edge: update 114.0.1823.43
network/nextcloud-desktop: updated for version 3.9.0
network/signal-desktop: Updated for version 6.21.0.
network/slack: Updated for version 4.32.127.
network/telegram: Updated for version 4.8.4.
network/vivaldi: Updated for version 6.1.3035.84.
network/webalizer: new maintainer.
office/LanguageTool: Updated for version 6.1.
office/asymptote: Updated for version 2.86.
office/calibre-bin: Updated for version 6.21.0.
office/focuswriter-qt6: Added (distraction-free word processor).
office/focuswriter: New maintainer
office/lotus123: Added (Lotus 1-2-3 for Linux).
office/onlyoffice-desktopeditors: Updated for version 7.4.0.
office/pandoc-bin: Updated for version 3.1.3.
perl/perl-Mojolicious: Updated for version 9.33.
python/BeautifulSoup4: Updated for version 2.4.1.
python/breathe: Updated for version 4.35.0.
python/cairocffi: Removed (renamed to python3-cairocffi).
python/click-didyoumean: Removed (renamed to python3-click-didyoumean)
python/cppy: New maintainer
python/esptool: Updated for version 4.6.2.
python/freetype-py: Added (High level Python API).
python/insipid-sphinx-theme: Updated for version 0.4.1.
python/ipython: New maintainer
python/pallets-sphinx-theme: Updated for version 2.1.1.
python/pickleshare: New maintainer
python/python-cachetools: Added (Extensible memoizing collections)
python/python-gntp: Added (GNTP Python Library)
python/python2-pyasn1: New maintainer
python/python3-PyGithub: Added (Typed interactions with github).
python/python3-asn1crypto: New maintainer
python/python3-atomicwrites: New maintainer
python/python3-autobahn: updated for version 23.6.2
python/python3-beekeeper-alt: Added (generate RESTful interfaces)
python/python3-beniget: New maintainer
python/python3-black: updated for version 23.3.0. New maintainer
python/python3-cacheyou: Added (httplib2 caching algorithms).
python/python3-cairocffi: Added (cffi-based cairo for Python).
python/python3-celery: updated for version 5.3.0
python/python3-cinemagoer: Added (retrieve and manage IMDb data).
python/python3-click-didyoumean: Added (python module).
python/python3-colorlog: Added (Log formatting with colors).
python/python3-deluge-client: Added (Deluge RPC Client).
python/python3-deprecated: Added (deprecated decorators).
python/python3-deprecation: New maintainer
python/python3-dnspython: Added (Python API for DNS).
python/python3-dogpile.cache: Added (caching interfacce).
python/python3-dulwich: fix wrong build using updated setuptools
python/python3-enzyme: Added (Python video metadata parser).
python/python3-executing: New maintainer
python/python3-fanart: Added (fanart.tv API client).
python/python3-gast: New maintainer
python/python3-ifaddr: Added (Enumerate all interfaces).
python/python3-iniconfig: New maintainer
python/python3-jedi: New maintainer
python/python3-joblib: New maintainer
python/python3-kiwisolver: New maintainer
python/python3-kodipydent: Added (client for kodi json-rpc api).
python/python3-kombu: updated for version 5.3.0
python/python3-librosa: Added (python audio and music library).
python/python3-matplotlib-inline: New maintainer
python/python3-new-rtorrent: Added (rTorrent interface).
python/python3-pandas: New maintainer
python/python3-pdm-backend: Added (Backend for PDM projects).
python/python3-pdm: Added (python package manager).
python/python3-pluggy: New maintainer
python/python3-pure_eval: New maintainer
python/python3-putio.py: Added (wrapper for put.io APIv2).
python/python3-py: New maintainer
python/python3-pyasn1: New maintainer
python/python3-pynma: Added (Python NotifyMyAndroid notification).
python/python3-pyproject-api: Added (api for pyproject.toml).
python/python3-pysrt: Added (Parser for srt files).
python/python3-pytest-runner: New maintainer
python/python3-pytest: New maintainer
python/python3-qbittorrent-api: Added (client for qbittorent).
python/python3-reportlab: Updated for 3.6.13, moved from libraries.
python/python3-service-identity: updated for version 23.1.0
python/python3-setuptools-opt: Added (setuptools from -current).
python/python3-setuptools-rust-opt: Added (plugin for setuptools).
python/python3-slugify: New maintainer
python/python3-soupsieve: Updated for version 2.4.1.
python/python3-stack_data: New maintainer
python/python3-stevedore: Added (Manage dynamic plugins).
python/python3-text-unidecode: New maintainer
python/python3-threadpoolctl: New maintainer
python/python3-timeago: Added (format datetime).
python/python3-tmdbsimple: Added (Wrapper for TMDB v3).
python/python3-tornado: New maintainer
python/python3-tox: Added (task automation tool).
python/python3-tus.py: Added (tus client for python).
python/python3-ufolib2: Added (UFO library and API).
python/python3-uharfbuzz: Added (Cython bindings for HarfBuzz).
python/python3-validators: Added (Data Validations).
python/python3-xmltodict: Added (XML feel like JSON).
python/rst2pdf: Updated for version 0.100.
python/scikit-learn: New maintainer
python/send2trash: New maintainer
python/sphinx-last-updated-by-git: Updated for version 0.3.5.
python/subliminal: Added (subtitle library).
python/thonny: Updated for version 4.1.1.
python/traitlets: New maintainer
python/typing-extensions: New maintainer
python/yapf: downgrade to keep sync with Slackware's tomli version
system/B-em: Added (BBC Microcomputer Emulator).
system/DisplayCAL: Added (display calibration and profiling).
system/argyllcms: Updated for version 2.3.1.
system/bottom: Updated for version 0.9.2.
system/fzf: Updated for version 0.42.0.
system/gimp-help: Updated for version 2.10.34.
system/image-analyzer: updated REQUIRES
system/jdupes: updated for version 1.24.0
system/netdata: Updated for version 1.40.0.
system/nvidia-driver: Updated for version 535.54.03.
system/nvidia-kernel: Updated for version 535.54.03.
system/nvidia-open-kernel: Updated for version 535.54.03.
system/rxvt: Added (terminal emulator).
system/sbo-create: Updated homepage.
system/tewi-font: Added (small bitmap font).
system/unrtf: Updated for version 0.21.10.
system/winetricks: New maintainer
system/xen-nox: Updated for version 4.17.0.

Willy Sudiarto Raharjo
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