[Slackbuilds-users] Script that will not build on 32bit Slackware

andrew andrew.david.strong at gmail.com
Tue Mar 7 06:56:51 UTC 2023


I am preparing build scripts for the newish encoder and decoder for
H.266 video: vvenc and vvdec. vvdec compiles and runs fine on 32bit
but vvenc does not.

See the bug report I filed here:


You will see that one of the developers has undertaken to correct the
issue while also questioning the worth of running the encoder on 32bit
Linux at all.

So my plan was, in the interim, to submit both scripts to SBo as 64bit
only but I am not sure if:

 1. This is in line with SBo policy
 2. Exactly how to make this clear in the SlackBuild

Thanks for your throughts and advice,


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