[Slackbuilds-users] Gitlab download filename changed

С. Болоканаръ sbolokanov at abv.bg
Wed Mar 29 16:48:34 UTC 2023

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>Le 28/03/2023 à 19:26, Arnaud via SlackBuilds-users a écrit

>> 	it seems that gitlab download filenames changed very recently.

>> For example when downloading the new graphviz-8.0.1.tar.bz2 I get a file named :

>> graphviz-8cd5300e2e31c80dbbfcdd65aad697187e5ac0b0.tar.bz2

>This is what I get clicking on the link in firefox.

>However wget   works as usual.


No matter whether content disposition or not, the tar contains the following dir for 7.1.0: 'graphviz-e650d3ba65f6d672a1fe09505bb576d4fed320bc'.
 That's not the expect $VERSION naming. What the actual fuck...

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